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Fast response

We are providing fast response on your all queries.

Technical support

We are providing technical support on our products.

Selling software licences

We are selling software licences VMWare, Autodesk, Adobe, Think-Cell, etc. And also doing renewal of licences.

Selling IT Products

We are selling hardware IT products and software licences to corporate sectors.

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Execellent team with excellent knowledge

We are a strongly innovating organization that strives to keep up with the changing needs and technology requirements of our clients. Highly professional and trained employees are an asset to our clients that help them understand new technologies and trends in the Information Technology sector.

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Execellent team with excellent knowledge
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Waves specialize in supplying IT products and services across the following verticals


Finance and Banking


Transport and Logistics


Education – K12 & Universities

Oil and Gas

Government Departments

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More Services

Infrastructure: Cabling and Networking Experienced Engineers and Technicians provide structured cabling with high-quality products. All kinds of network related solution and the required hardware is supplied by Waves Computers. This includes routers, switches, Ethernet cards, hubs, Cat5, Cat6 cables, Faceplates, etc.

Wireless solutions – Providing hardware as well as solutions of making offices, retail outlets with wireless connectivity.

Infrastructure – Structured cabling using Cat5, Cat6 or fiber optics for LAN or WAN connectivity. High quality local Telecom-Etisalat approved products are used for networking.

VPN – Virtual Private Network Solutions to network and connect offices in different locations around the globe through secure means. Engineers have expertise in Fort iGATE, Juniper and Cisco solutions.

Security Solutions and Backup Solutions

* Solutions for remote disaster recovery, replication of database servers or simple NAS solutions

PABX Telephone Systems and Biometric Time Attendance

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